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Customer Focus: Simpsons Furniture - Colne

Simpsons Furniture was established in 1977, in a 12ft by 8ft cabin on the family farm. Today, the company employs a large team including 20 highly skilled craftsmen and is housed in a rather more imposing 18th century building lovingly referred to as the Mill.

Along with Steven and Philip Simpson, every member of the team shares a passion for perfection and the belief that they are creating works of art for the home.

Once again, Simpsons Furniture with over 30 years of craftsmanship, turned to J & C O'Meara Woodworking Machinery Ltd, when looking for ways to improve productivity within the manufacturing facility - it would seem that a key investment in an edge banding machine would assist in their production needs.

Having looked at the various machines available from small pre-glued to larger hot melt machines, one thing was very apparent; as with all purchases made by Simpsons Furniture, it must be of the same high quality for which Simpsons have become synonymous in furniture construction.

Having evaluated the exact needs and requirements, it was clear that the flexibility of a machine ready to use within minutes for short production runs and also change between standard tapes, PVC and real wood veneer with a thickness of 3mm would be a key factor in the decision making process.

Upon visiting the Holz-Her showroom and having a selection of machines demonstrated it was quickly decided that the Holz-Her 1307 Edge Banding Machine offered all the production benefits from the initial requirement, but was also equipped with pre-milling cutters to create the perfect edge prior to edge banding.

One of the key factors that sold the Holz-Her machine was the unique and patented glue application system - ready for use from cold within just 3 minutes. This system is very clean as it applies virgin glue with no discoloration or burning associated with the traditional glue pot machines and only melts the glue required for the panel. The application of glue to the panel is a key factor in both keeping the machine trimmers clean and free from molten glue normally associated with machines applying glue with a roller. Further advantage of the Holz-Her glue pot system is the glue colour can be readily changed to match the board and edge without the need to scoop out old glue as is the case with a glue pot machine.

Note: The Holz-Her 1307 supplied can readily use PU Adhesive for fire retardant applications and is equipped with a corner rounder catering for further developments in panel processing.


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