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Fast machine efficiency vs Lesser Priced alternative....which is the most expensive..?

We have been asked several times what are the advantages of the AES machines vs similar products from other brands. The answer really is quite simple, many brands offer a lesser product which can often be seen in the weight of the machine. A heavy built machine can cope better with the stresses and strains when working at higher speeds. Many manufacturers concentrate on competing against similar products from their competitors and often reduce costs by turning to 'value engineering' or basically making the machines cheaper by using lighter construction methods. This results in slower acting machines which increases machine cycle times and therefore increasing the cost to manufacture in terms of time, energy and labour.

We recently carried out a study on the AES Alpha Beamsaw vs a lesser costing, slower acting machine. The results were as follows;

Firstly, the core specification differences between the 2 machines in consideration were as follows;

AES Alpha Lesser Priced Machine Pusher Speed 80 m/min 30 m/min Motor Power 11 Kw 7.5 Kw Scorer Motor Power 2.2 Kw 0.75 Kw Saw Carriage Speed 90 m/min 40 M/min Number of Grippers 8 5 Weight 7,500 Kg 2,000 Kg

By the figures shown, assuming the AES is 30% more productive than the lesser priced alternative, this would equate to the following;

Slow Machine AES Alpha Hours worked per week 40 28

(for the same output) Hours Over 1 year

(based on 48 weeks) 1,920 1,344 Productivity Maximum Room for Growth Labour saving (hours) 0 576 Labour cost

(assuming £15/h) £28,800 £20,160 Labour Saving £0 £8,640

This of course is only part of the story, it is also the energy costs that need to be considered for the additional time required for the slower machine to give the same production as the AES;

Assuming power is charged 0.35/Kw

Machine is 8 Kw x 576 Hours £1,612.80 Compressor (say (10 Kw) £2,016 Dust Extraction (say 15 Kw) £3,024


Using a lesser priced, slower acting machine, to give the same level of production, the additional manufacturing costs would be as follows;

Labour £8,640 + £1,612.80 + £2,016 + £3,024 = £15,292.80/annum

Over 3 years £45,878.40

Over 5 years £76,464

The above of course is based on the slow acting machine working at full

capacity which initially it may only work at 50% capacity, but of course the

saving would still be;

1) over £7.5K per annum

2) £22,500 over 3 years

3) £38,000 over 5 years.

The above is a typical case study by investing a little more on the outset, increases efficiency and reduces manufacturing costs.



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