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New AES Beamsaw installed in London...

The all new heavy duty, high speed AES Alpha beamsaw has arrived and been delivered and commissioned to a busy furniture manufacturer in London.

The AES Alpha series of beamsaws are designed for heavy use. Using their CNC 'know how', AES produce a series of machines which can be supplied as front loading, side loading or complete with a rear lift table for cutting multiple sheets in one operation. The product line starts with the PS 03 capable of cutting 3 x 18mm boards and runs through to the PS06 which is capable of cutting 6 x 18mm boards. All machines are available with a selection of cutting lengths which are 3200mm, 3800mm and 4200mm.

The machine delivered was the PS04 (capable of cutting 4x 18mm panels) and has a saw carriage linear speed of 90 m/min and pusher speed of 80m/min. The machine has 8 x heavy duty panel grippers, side aligner when cross cutting, automatic length detection for optimised cutting cycles, a powerful 15 Kw motor and air flotation tables for ease of panel movement.

Also supplied was the Opticut software to minimise waste by automatically calculating the best cutting pattern from an imported cutting list.

With careful planning and liaising with the customer, it was agreed his previous 5 year old entry level machine would be removed over a weekend, with delivery of the new machine being first thing on a Monday with a view to being up and running as soon as possible to minimise downtime. The whole job from initial advice through to order, delivery and commissioning was managed by Jeff Green who has a vast amount of experience in panel processing through his previous 29 years experience as production manager.

Having revisited the customer to see how they were progressing, we were told the machine was approximately 3 times more productive than their previous machine.



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