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AES Grand Opening 21st to 24th March

Updated: Mar 19

From Thursday 21st March through to Sunday 24th March, AES Group Machinery UK Ltd will be pleased to present their all-new working showroom, showcasing some of their most popular models of machines.

During this ‘open house’ event, AES will welcome both existing and potential new customers to their all-new facility where members from AES along with supporting companies will be present to demonstrate and discuss all aspects of manufacturing with wood based products.

The key product groups include;

Panel Sizing

The AES Beta Beamsaw will be premiered at this event. This all-new model is designed for the medium sized manufacturer looking for an accurate, reliable panel sizing and optimising machine. The machine being demonstrated will have a 3200mm cutting length and capable of cutting 3 x 18mm boards in a single operation. Both the rear pusher and saw carriage are high speed to allow quicker cycle times.


On demonstration will be another exclusive UK launch of the all-new AES Super Nova machine. This latest design boasts an enclosed gantry with LED light panels showing the status of the machine. The machine on display will be suitable for jumbo sized MFC boards and is complete with a rotary tool changer, 2 x 250m3 vacuum pumps, face drilling and a choice of operating software.

Through feed nesting

The AES Extreme Ultra Line machine is simply a must for anyone looking to step up from a stand-alone nesting machine. The machine on demonstration will have a lift table capable of holding 15 x 18mm boards, automatic referencing/squaring with automatic labelling of parts before the machining takes place. The board is then automatically loaded, drilled, nested, the machined parts are pushed off onto a take-off conveyor with cleaning. The bed is then automatically cleaned whilst automatically loading the next panel resulting in a continual production cycle.

CNC Drilling

The popular Sirius 950M and Go 1300M ATC machines will be available for demonstration. Both machines can drill on all 5 sides and are equipped with a router head. The Sirius has a 950mm working width whilst the Go has a generous 1300mm and is also equipped with an automatic tool changer. Both machines have a user friendly parametric software for programming parts with ease.

Door Processing

One of the most popular AES machines sold in the UK has been the Vega series of machines which are of pod and rail design and can be equipped with a double-sided horizontal router head to cut the locks and recess for the hinges. The machines are also equipped with face drilling and end drilling and can be supplied with an aggregate for cutting into the head or base of the door for concealed closers.

5 Axis

Popular for processing fire doors and for creating complex shapes, the AES 5 axis machines with increased Z height can be used for manufacturing furniture and components.


The AES machines can only be described as a software neutral machine, namely any manufacturer can decide which software is best for them.

Supporting companies offering live demonstrations include;

Alphacam – CAD/CAM + Cabinetvision

Microvellum- CAD/CAM + Cabinet Design

NC Hops – CAD/CAM + Door Processing

Polyboard – CAD Cabinet Design

Pegasus Cad - Cam - Tecno Program Srl


Also in attendance to offer advice and showing live demonstrations will be;


Hranipex –Hardware for cabinets, edge banding, glue and cleaners.

Intelligent Fixings – Cabinet Assembly

Lamello – Cabinet Assembly

Lawcris – Board and materials supplier

Unilap - Tooling

SNX - Contour edge banding

Refreshments will be available on the day.


We look forward to welcoming you to the new AES facility and if you could please  RSVP  to avoid disappointment by contacting us on one of the following;


Tel 0800 083 8844



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