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Customer Focus: CMF Success

Carl Mark Odgers founded CMF (Carl Mark Furniture) in February 2006 based in Banks just on the outskirts of Southport.

The motto of the company is "Everything, Every Place and Everyone is unique" and this is the very basic understanding that is shown in the furniture produced by CMF, which is designed and crafted to individual requirements.

Says Carl, "In today's competitive working environment, where a lot of manufacturers are just looking at production, we concentrate on individualism. Everything we produce is designed for the individual and is therefore truly unique".

In such a relatively short period of time CMF has grown rapidly, doubling both their workspace and also their workforce.

Central to CMF's manufacturing capabilities is the Genisis X3 Plus panel sizing machine, which has a touch screen 3 axis control giving digital accuracy and rapid setting to the 1500mm rip fence. This touch screen is mounted in an overhead control panel and also offers easy access for the motorised movements of the saw rise, fall and tilt all with numeric displays along with the motorised movements of the scorer, again having numeric display for ease of setting.

The heavy duty sliding table with multi-chamber construction runs on high tensile chromed steel runners ensuring the smoothest and accurate travel whether cutting large and heavy sheets of material or being used to straight line waney edged timber.

The self contained over head safety guard not only allows the possibility of sliding over the top of the blade when cutting a groove, but also permits a maximum blade size of 450mm diameter giving a maximum cutting depth of 150mm.

When using different diameter saw blades to change the speed of the blade is an easy process, with the 4 speed pulley being mounted to the rear of the machine with the drive belt tension on a quick release mechanism, so access is readily available on opening the safety interlocked rear door.

The machine comes with a heavy duty telescopic cross cut fence as standard complete with 2 heavy duty flip stops with the pivoting being via self lubricating bushes to ensure maintained accuracy.

The machine supplied to CMF had the optional cross cut fence with 2 digital displays, thus giving an accuracy of 0.1mm whether using the rip fence or the cross cut fence. Having digital displays on both sides of the blade also allows CMF to maximise the features of the machines computer which will calculate the maximum and minimum (or internal and external) dimensions when cutting with the blade set at an angle.

With a memory capability to store some 300 programs, quick release cross cut fence and separate mitre fence, the Genisis range of sliding table panel saws also comes complete with a 2 years warranty.


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