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P.A. Wright & Son: the Smoothest Guys in Southport, thanks to Kundig!

Specialising in the design and manufacture of timber windows,doors,staircases,bars and counters the need for an accurate calibrating and finish sanding machine was quite evident. This also needed to be flexible in operation to cater for the diverse nature of the products manufactured.

The level of accuracy and quality of finish given by the sanding machine had to be such as to reflect the enviable reputation as has been achieved over the years by P.A. Wright for their quality of work.

he new Kundig sander chosen was a Premium-2 1350 RP which has a dedicated calibrating roller followed by a second finishing pad.The machine works at a constant height,hence it is the sanding group which raises and lowers to the working thickness and allows support tables at both the entry and exit of the machine eliminating the need to keep re adjusting the working height as would have to be done on machines with a moving bed.

The Kundig machine was supplied with the latest touch screen control and having a maximum working width of 1350mm and working height up to 200mm, will prove more than capable within this very busy manufacturing environment.</p>


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