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Pressing Ahead - the Italian Way

As a company, we have always looked to the future and endeavoured to keep ahead of customer demand and be prepared to cater for the ever changing needs of today's manufacturers as well as being fully aware of the changing and often volatile industry for which we have been part of for the last 21 years.

For some time we have been aware of a need in the market for quality European made pressing machines, both for traditional veneering onto flat boards and also for veneering and laminating onto curved structures and furniture such as cabinetry doors.

When choosing new products and forming partnerships with new suppliers, we don't just look at how they can benefit us, but how they can benefit our customers, hence tending to deal with the smaller more hands-on companies that can offer the flexibility of catering for individual requirements, are technically at the forefront with their product range and where we are dealing with a small number of people rather than being passed from department to department when answers are needed in a hurry.

Two such companies are OMC and Omniforme Presse.

OMC are a company with in excess of 20 years experience in the design, development and construction of all types of pressing machines from cold to single and multi daylight platten presses, to through feed laminating, automatic membrane and even combination presses.

Also included in the OMC range are a series of Airtec models which allow the wrapping of a laminate around a routed panel typically used in the manufacture of vinyl laminate doors for kitchen and bedroom doors.

Omniforme Presse offer a range of static membrane presses also known as vacuum presses which are of a quality and robust construction and have the option of an overhead heating chamber to reduce curing times which also increases productivity.

Included in the range is a model with two working surfaces which can easily be tilted through 180 degrees so that as one side is loaded and pressed, the other is in a heated chamber in the lower half of the machine to assist the curing process.


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