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J & C O'Meara | Woodworking Machinery | UK

25 Years....a time to celebrate...!

No business can survive 25 years without loyaty from its customers.....this loyalty is based on trust, offering an honest, reliable service and being there in the event of after sales care

Born in 1990, the company didn't benefit from the infamous boom during the late 80's but simply started by Senior Director Mr Joseph O'Meara and his son Carl clubbing together £31,000 each to purchase their first company van....a rather second hand Bedford Midi with a view to continuing to offer both service and maintenance of industrial woodworking machinery.

Over the next 2 years we serviced existing clients undertaking various service and installation contracts, some good but some not so good as this was a time during the last recession.

During these difficult times we were being offered machinery by various clients who were either closing or simply selling surplus equipment, some of which we purchased and stored in a customers premises in Wigan. In reality this was great at first but the logistics of travelling to and fro proved too time consuming, so in 1992 we took on our first rented premises, a less than salubrious building sited below a pet food supplier which came complete with a number of unwanted guests...of the rodent variety..!

1995 was a pivotal year for us....we were always told that it would be 5 years before the company became 'viable' and true to form, this was the definitive year that the company's activities started to lean towards machine sales as opposed to the service.

After a shock increase in rent, 1999 saw us moving to larger premises on the ouskirts of Southport to what was an old industrial laundry building 'affectionately' referred to as Beirut by those who knew us. Internally this was a clean, airy building which allowed us to expand our activities and start offering new machinery from companies such as Altendorf, Casadei, Startrite and Sedgwick.

2003 saw us moving again, this time to a modern industrial unit more centrally located on the main industrial estate in Burscough, Lancashire (just off the main Preston to Liverpool link road) and this time instead of renting we purchased the building. 2003 also saw us winning a major contract to re equip Accrington and Rossendale College recognised as a 'centre of vocational excellence'.

2005 we were appointed to take care of the business in the UK for internationally recognised Swiss sanding machinery manufacturers Kundig AG.

2006 saw some major changes in both the industry and to us as a company. Casadei, one of our main agencies was sold to the SCM group and we parted company from Altendorf who were one of our other main suppliers. The key decision was made in that year to introduce our own range of machinery starting with our best selling item, the sliding table panel saw.

2007 saw the official introduction of the new Genisis range of sliding table panel saws into the UK with the Genisis range expanding in 2008 to include the range of briquetting machines, planers and thicknessers, dust extractors etc etc.

With the economy slowing at the end of 2008, like a lot of companies levels of stock were cut back and just like a lot of companies we concentrated on riding the storm of the 'double dip' recession being lucky enough to benefit from low interest rates due to us purchasing the building.

2012/2013 saw significant trading conditions improve which made us look at other products in preparation for the upturn in business and in 2014 we launched our very own unique range of edge banding machines which were demonstrated at the W14 exhibition and have caused quite a stir throughout the industry...!

2015.....25 years in celebrate we have some not to be repeated offers...


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