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OMC Throughfeed Veneer Press ordered, delivered and installed.

Established in 2002, Gloucester based Hi Tec Joinery Products Ltd have now invested in plant and equipment to allow the in house production of fire rated doors.

The investment commenced around 2013 starting witht he purchase of a new Kundig Brilliant-2 1350 REd-L wide belt sanding machine. This is a 2 head sander, the second being pitched at a 10 degree angle to ensure the elimination of snake like oscillation marks associated with traditional straight line sanding machines, hence offering the best possible surface finish. This system also better prepares veneers in readiness for spraying as the oblique snding head cuts away surface fibres. The machine ordered also has the ability to de nib after spraying in preparation for the final coat.

In 2015, Hi Tec were in a position where they now wanted to complete the production process to allow them to take control and manufacture 'in house' their own certified fire rated doors.

Having surveyed the market and to keep in line with the level of quality they were looking to achieve, Hi-Tec opted for a through press from Italian specialist press manufacturer OMC.

The machine is purpose made as a through feed press as opposed to a traditional style press adapted to make it a throughfeed. This means that the whole machine is synchronized to work as one unit, from a 'grabber' taking the panel from the glue spreader, to a layup table where the top veneer is placed on the door, to the automatic transport of the door into the press via a mylar conveyor belt. The press cycle is then actuated (pressing from above, so the whole process is at a constant level) which oncethe heat and pressing time has been set via the user friendly touch screen control, the panel is then transported out on to the exit conveyor ready for the next one to be accepted into the machine.

The machine ordered has a pressing capability of 3,000mm x 1,400mm, is oil heated and can press up to 160 tons having solid drilled platens which allow not only the pressing of veneers but also laminates and other composites.


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