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W16, Here We Come!

So, why visit the exhibition? Because this is only staged every 2 years and even if you are not looking to purchase any equipment right now, at least you will be informed of what is available if and when you are looking.

At W16, we will be on stand number G810 and working with Kundig who will have on display their range of edge sanding machinery along with examples of their wide belt sanding machines suitable for solid wood, veneer and painted/lacquered surfaces.

Also situated on Stand G810 will be our company where we will have on display some of our most popular selling machines including:

∙ Genisis 512S edge banding machine with pre milling and corner rounding.

∙ Both vertical and traditional style briquetting machines.

∙ An example of our best selling Genisis sliding table panel saw.

∙ Moretens 4 head planer/moulder

∙ OMC oil heated veneer press.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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