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CNC Demo Days for nesting and processing door blanks

We are now offering a new free and informative service for anyone who is considering the purchase of a new CNC machine.

Often seen as 'dark magic', the CNC has become the way forward for many manufacturers looking for a fast and easy to use solution for even the most complex of manufacturing.

The fact is, these machines can reduce what would ordinarily take 2 hours manufacturing time to around 10 minutes, not to mention optimising cutting lists resulting in less materials required, more accurate production hence reducing assembly time and needing less people as opposed to individual manual machines.

Whether you are new to CNC with no experience or if you have already used a machine we can take you through the various stages of introduction using industry leading Alphacam.

For those already familiar with CAD/CAM and who may already be using other packages such as Solidworks, Autocad, Rhino etc, we can show you the best way to convert your designs (whether these be individual components or a solid model) to machine code and manufacture.

The idea behind these demo days is to show you the advantages of not only the CNC but also how easy it is to go from design to manufacture (yes, we will be cutting on the machines, so you are not just pushing buttons but also seeing the end result)

As we believe every manufacturer has a different requirement, the demo days are on a 'one to one' basis to allow individual attention and therefore must be booked in advance.

There are 2 types of demonstration days, namely

1) Nesting and surface processing using a flat bed machine (can include 3D carving)

2) Drilling and shaping of furniture components using a pod and rail style machine or processing of door blanks including final sizing, cutting pocket for the lock, recessing for hinges, cutting for keyway and handle plus cutting of vision panel, spy hole, letterbox etc.

Finally, did you know that the cost of a CNC If financing over a 5 year term, costs approximately the same as just 1 employee...?

Call now to make your free booking on 01704 893109


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