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We have Moved...!

As of May 2021, we have finally moved into our new warehouse premises. Having spent 31 years serving the woodworking industry, we simply outgrew our previous premises where we had been for the last 18 years.

This move had been planned since 2017 and is primarily due to the expansion of the business into more automated machinery. We needed more space to allow proper representation of our product range, plus a better facility typically for CNC and software training. This of course will also give a better customer experience in modern, new facility where there will be a larger selection of machinery on display from various manufacturers from across the globe.

Within the next few weeks, we will be launching some exciting new products and will have in stock several CNC machines from AES including the Sirius and GO CNC drilling and routing machines along with a series of the AES nesting machines. An example of the AES Vega Ultra pod and rail style machine suitable for either modular furniture production or the processing of fire doors will also be in stock and available for demonstration. These machines will be fully up and running and available for demonstration.

Kundig is of course another major agency and we will have a selection of their wide belt sanding machinery along with their edge sanders available for demonstration. These will include the new Kundig Master 1350 RE for both solid wood and veneer sanding along with an example of the Kundig Brilliant showing the advantages of oblique sanding for solid wood, veneer and lacquer/denibbing. Both the Kundig Uniq edge sander and the Uniq-S will also be on display.

Also due into stock are over 20 of our popular Genisis sliding table panel saws (over 150 already delivered and commissioned in the UK), some of which are already pre sold. Having recently launched the SAF range of dust extractors, these have quickly become our best selling dust extractor and we now have several container loads on order from the single bag multi filter to the STK 10,000 which has multi filter, 3 x collection bins and auto shake to clean the filters. Our ever popular Genisis edge banders with pre milling and corner rounding are also due back in stock.

Of course being from a service orientated background, we are fully aware of the importance of after sales service and we will continue to carry a vast amount spares for support and our staff are always happy with any technical advice and our engineers for on site support if required.



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