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Briquetting at Naylor and Walkden

Naylor and Walkden are a long established (1947) and privately owned company that are based in Adlington, just on the outskirts of Chorley, Lancashire.

Specialising in the construction of both new build and design and build properties,with typical contracts undertaken up to the value of £33,500,000, Naylor and Walkden also have their own well equipped joinery workshop which enables them to include shopfitting, joinery and refurbishment work to their portfolio.

Some of the problems faced by the company was the removal of waste which has become very expensive with the increasing cost of landfill and also the handling of large waste sacks from the dust extraction unit to the waste removal skips all of which took valuable time and expense to the company.

Having identified the savings which could be made by reducing the cost of landfill along with the possibility to either use the waste once processed to recycle back into heat via a wood burner,or having the waste briquetted to make a sale-able product, the justification was given to the purchase of a machine suitable for the waste being produced.

In March 2009 a new Genisis E55 was delivered having an output of up to 60Kg/hour (depending upon the waste) with a 55mm diameter briquette being produced. The machine was comprehensively equipped with PLC control giving an automatic start and stop cycle which was particularly useful as the machine was to be fed directly from the dust extractor, along with a viewing window so the amount of waste in the hopper could be seen at a glance.


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