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Museum Of Lancashire: Out with the old, in with the new!

In December 2009 we were contacted by The Museum of Lancashire and were invited to make a site visit to assess machinery required for the proposed refit of their joinery workshop.

In essence it became very apparent that the new machinery required had to be flexible due to the diverse nature of the museum requirement which included the ability to produce general joinery for on site maintenance and also cabinetry work to construct and maintain display cabinets and visual presentations. The challenge was to supply the correct equipment to be able to cope with such requirements in a somewhat limited working area and look at ways of maximising the space for the work required.

Based on our knowledge of machinery available coupled with the requirements needed to construct individual products in such a limited work space, we proposed the supply of just 3 machines if correctly specified would allow them the flexibility for bespoke production in this limited area.

Firstly, to cater for their cutting requirements in the accurate sizing down of 8 x 4ft panels and the ability to cut solid wood up to 125mm in thickness, one of the primary machines would be the Genisis P26 panel saw,complete with powerful 7.5Hp motor, maximum blade diameter of 400mm,independent scoring saw,separate mitre fence and quick release of the cross cut fence and cross slide which could be easily removed when not in use.

To allow the planing and thickenessing of of solid wood and jointed panels the Genisis SC530 was offered giving a very capable working capacity of 530 x 250mm and having straightening planer tables 2350mm in length. The machine would be equipped with motorised adjustment to the thickness bed with mechanical numeric readout giving +/- 0.1mm accuracy and TERSA cutter block for fast and easy blade change.

To complete the package of machinery a Sedgewick SM4 was recommended, equipped with a power feed for both safety and improved quality of finish, sliding table, stub spindle and tenoning guard with depth stop allowing this machine to be used for both profiling and tenoning.

To conclude our offer we also assessed and costed additional work needed to the existing dust extraction to integrate these machines and in addition to supply mobile extraction points to allow cleaning of the workshop.

All machines were ordered along with additional tooling and were delivered,offloaded and positioned and commissioned to an agreed timescale.


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