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Another College Invests in a Genisis

After 8 years in the planning, the new state of the art building for Furness College was finally completed in December 2011.

This £41 million project now offers world class facilities and ensures an exceptional educational experience to all prospective students.

Included within this investment was the construction of a new more spacious Joinery and Carpentry workshop which allowed the possibility to install full size sliding table panel saw.

Having looked at various machines from different manufacturers, members from the college also visited Staveley based furniture manufacturers Waters and Acland to see the Genisis XM supplied in 2010, this resulted in the purchase order for an identical machine.

The Genisis XM is a very heavy duty machine which is both powerful allowing a maximum blade of 450mm diameter being driven by a 7.5Hp motor and generously equipped having digital display when tilting the blade and a separate angle cutting fence.

The whole machine is ergonomically designed around the user for ease of operation and constructed to ensure longevity, accuracy and reliability for the long term.


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