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New Panel Saw for Brian James Trailers

Brian James trailers are a long established designer and manufacturer of all types of trailers whose innovation and experience in manufacture has allowed the company to provide all sorts of solutions for those looking to trailer goods and stock.

As with any successful business, the people behind the scenes are just as important as the product itself as for any customer looking to invest there has to be trust not only in the product but also in the long term support to ensure customer peace of mind.

Customer care and value for money are at the heart of our business. It motivates our designers and encourages our entire team. It explains why an ever growing number of customers actively recommend our products to their friends and colleagues.

Earlier this year, it became apparent that to successfully and safely handle the sheet material used in the manufacture of the floors for the trailers a sliding table panel saw would be required that would also offer the long term accuracy for this long established company.

Following various telephone calls regarding what was expected and required from a machine which included cutting capabilities and ensuring the machine would be suitable for accurately sizing composite bonded sheet material, it was decided that the Genisis P32 would fit the bill perfectly.

The machine supplied was in standard configuration having the 3200mm multi chamber reinforced sliding table with large diameter dumb bell rollers running on solid hardened and chromed steel runners to ensure an easy gliding action, a powerful 7.5Hp motor, 1300m rip fence mounted on a solid chromed steel bar 45mm in diameter and an overhead saw guard to allow a maximum blade size of 400mm diameter.


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