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University of Salford: Educating Excellence

Salford University school of art and design have invested in a brand new Genisis X2 sliding table panel saw.

As with all capital purchases made by organisations in the Public Sector, the decision on which piece of equipment has to be the correct one as the investment made is based on a one time only allocation of funds.

Having researched the market for a new sliding table panel saw, there were only a few contenders which were seen fit to offer the long term accuracy and durability needed along with enhanced safety features required in such a busy training workshop.

The chosen machine was a Genisis X2 sliding table panel saw which has motorised adjustments to the raise, lower and tilting of the blades along with motorised adjustments to the scorer for ease of setting.

The machine has dual controls for the start and stopping of the sawblades, one at the front when using the sliding table and another set to the rear when using the rip fence.

The heavy duty reinforced sliding table constructed from a multi chamber aluminium extrusion and finished with a hard anodised surface. The sliding system consists of large diameter rollers mounted on solid hardened and chromed steel runners ensuring an easy gliding motion for long term accuracy and durability. The sliding table also has a secondary position which allows it to slide beyond the blades for ease of changing the blades, this secondary position being interlocked for operator safety.

The heavy duty telescopic cross cut fence is manufactured from a large section aluminium extrusion and comes complete with 2 heavy duty flip stops, the action of which are in self lubricating bushes to ensure long term accuracy. All measurement scales are flat with clear magnifiers for accurate setting and if required, the whole cross cut fence can be quickly released by operating 2 drawer bolts.

The heavy duty frame of the X series panel saws are all laser cut and finger jointed and complete with torsion bars in the base to ensure accuracy and rigidity in use.

The heavy duty rip fence is mounted on a solid and chromed 50mm diameter bar to ensure solidity and ease of use and is complete with fine adjuster.

The powerful 7.5Hp motor can drive up to a 450mm diameter blade for deep cutting and having a long saw shaft gives easy access to the 4 blade speeds when opening the rear door to the machine.

All Genisis sliding table panel saws are now equipped with the independent parallel overhead safety guard which allows the material to slide over the top of the blade for concealed cuts and cutting grooves.

All Genisis machines fully comply with the latest CE safety requirements and have safety interlocks on both the sliding table and blade access door, along with interlocking on the rear access door.


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