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Jeff Green appointed as National Sales Manager

J & C O’Meara Ltd are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Jeff Green as their National Sales Manager.

Jeff will already be a familiar figure within the woodworking and panel processing industries having previously been Operations Manager for Apex Interior Systems and, more recently, Operations Director at Integral Surface Designs.

Jeff was one of the key figures within both companies, but also a founding member and Operations Director of Integral Surface Designs who, in the space of just 7 years, have grown into a multi-million-pound manufacturing success.

Having worked in the wood working sector for over 35 years, Jeff started out as a wood machinist, operating a vast array of joinery style machines including 9 head moulders, to chain and chisel mortisers, to over and under planers to double and single end tenoner's. Basically, all the machines needed to process and manufacture joinery products.

This manufacturing experience led Jeff to various managerial positions from departmental to overall control of manufacturing facilities where works included relocating active manufacturing facilities 125 miles apart without interruption to production schedules or delivery deadlines.

Over the past 29 years in managerial based positions, Jeff has had the opportunity to attend many continuous improvement courses including ‘The Lean Manufacturing Systems’ and ‘The Shingo model of Operational Excellence’. The purpose of these courses is to understand the principles that underpin manufacturing processes, from installing the correct machine, to processing the work, right through manufacture and assembly to delivery with the customer in the most cost effective and productive way.

Carl O’Meara ‘We have known Jeff for around 20 years and believe he is the ideal candidate to take on the role of National Sales Manager. His role will be to offer good, sound advice based on real time production and to concentrate on the higher-level industrial customers, or those setting up a complete production cell. Jeff will be a huge asset to J & C O'Meara and their customers due to his vast experience in all aspects from the purchase of new machinery right through to installation, commissioning and integration with existing or new processes’.

Jeff can be contacted on 01704 893109 or e-mailed at


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