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AES GO! - The all new CNC drilling solution

Introducing the all new AES GO! 1300


The latest machine to be added to the already extensive AES portfolio is the all new CNC drilling and routing machine, the AES GO!.

This machine was designed to be an adaptable solution for the panel processing company whether it be a 'stand alone' machine or as part of a high level production facility.

The machine is equally suited to benefit a factory using sliding table panel saws or used in conjunction with a CNC nesting machine or a beamsaw.

The very generous working width of 1300mm once again increases the use of the machine throughout various industries including kitchen and bedroom furniture manufacturers, office furniture manufacturers, shopfitters, cabinet makers etc etc.

The machine can drill on the face and all 4 sides and in the GO! 1300 M version the machine becomes a mini CNC by also having a router head. The GO! 1300 M-ATC also includes an automatic tool changer with 6 positions to offer yet more possibilities.

The movement of the panel is by a 2 gripper system to ensure a positive feed, which of course is required when the X and Y axis can move at an impressive 80 m/min.

The machine also has 2 x reference points, so it can be loaded either side.

For further details click the link to our product page where you can also download a brochure.


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