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It's all about CNC's.....

January and February saw the delivery and installation of 3 CNC machines from the AES Group coupled with software training to ensure a seamless integration into the manufacturing companies.

The machines delivered are examples of the broad range of CNC machines available from the AES group and included;

AES 1632 Extreme - This heavy duty machine was delivered to a Wrexham based company specialising in the manufacture of sensory toys for Special Needs.

This was a typical example of how the total package of selecting the right machine, having the right software and getting the right training can transform a manufacturing process.

Previously, the company had a 20 year old machine with a smaller bed, so every sheet of material had to be cut down to size first before being machined. The old machine also had a dated operating system requiring programming using G codes resulting in even the simplest of tasks being a time consuming and complicated process.

The introduction of the AES Extreme complete with Alphacam Standard 3D CAD/CAM software, allowing a full size sheet of 25mm birch ply to be loaded eliminated the pre sizing process and made the programming a fast and simple process. This of course is just part of the story as our software applications engineer set to work to optimise the machining process and set up various machining strategies to optimise the output from the machine.

The new AES Extreme produced the following results;

Old Machine Vs New AES Extreme

Part Nest

Parts Machined 30 vs 36

Machining Time 90 vs 40

Full Nest

Parts Machined 60 vs 72

Machining Time 180 vs 80

The above gives a great example of how technology and training can improve productivity but it is also the 'hidden' costs that improve profitability. For example using the figures of the full nest, the AES Extreme machined more parts in less time, so if the AES machine was used for 80 hours, the previous machine would have to work for 180 hours which mean the cost for the power used for the machine, dust extraction and compressed air would be over twice as much on the old machine. Plus of course using the old machine, the operator would need to be present for an additional 100 hours to generate fewer parts than achieved on the AES Extreme. To conclude for every 80 hours work on the AES Extreme would take 100 hours more on the old machine, which in operator costs would be around 100 x £15 = £1500 plus the costs to run the machine, dust extraction and compressor.....just imagine the year on year savings such an investment would make.

AES Sirius 950M - Delivered and commissioned to a long standing customer in Burnley. The AES Sirius really is a 'must have' for anyone producing interior furniture. Many manufacturers use manual methods for making out and drilling which is often a time consuming process compared to cutting and edging, plus of course is not always the most accurate so further time is often spent levelling and squaring.

The AES Sirius 950M is not only a high specification and high speed CNC drilling machine, it is also fitted with a router allowing almost endless possibilities and offering a time saving solution to many other machining processes including cutting notches for true handle less kitchens, wide grooves for solid backs, drainer grooves for kitchen sinks, pockets for cable management, cut outs for sinks, engraving for personalisation plus lots more.

The machine uses the HSD drill box having 10 x face drills, end drilling to all 4 sides and grooving saw in the X direction. The new AES WOP software is an easy to use program giving a series of macros making even a 'one off' cabinet program a fast and easy process. The software is parametric so the user can decide the best way they wants to use the machine.

AES Vega Ultra 1325 - This is the first in the new series of Vega Ultra machines delivered to a joinery manufacturer in Shropshire. The machine is to 'door specification' and has both a double sided horizontal router head for cutting the mortise for the locks and recessing for the hinges along with a double sided aggregate for cutting the pockets in the head and the base of the door for concealed closers.

The AES Vega Ultra is a high specification machine and being from the 'Ultra' series is also a high speed machine giving linear speeds of up to 90 m/min for optimised processing times. There is a 14 position tool changer, 9Kw HSD router head, HSD drill box giving 10 x face drills, drilling to all 4 sides and a grooving saw in the X direction. The machine was delivered with an easy to use macro which allows the final sizing, cutting for the lock, hinge, keyway and handle a fast and easy process. Further features can be added within the door such as letter boxes, spy holes, vision panels, pockets for closers etc.

From delivering the machine on a Monday, the customer was up and running cutting left and right hand doors by the Friday, which as a first time CNC user is great testament to the user friendly nature of the AES machines along with the training provided by ourselves.



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