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New Generation Genisis edge banders now in stock.

We are pleased to announce a new series of industrial edge banding machines have now been added to our Genisis range of machinery. These new high specification and heavy duty machines join the super popular and best selling Genisis 512S allowing a greater range of options including working height upto 60mm, anti adhesive spray, separate corner rounder, independent end saws, profile and glue scrapers. For those looking for heat resistant or water resistant edges the option of PUR is also available and for added automation we can now offer a CNC edge bander with automatic setting. These machines are also perfectly suited to those who run a CNC as there is also the option of the nesting solution allowing the panels to be drilled prior to edging.

This new series of quality edge bander starts with the Genisis Compact which is by no means an entry level machine but a good specification machine aimed at the small to medium sized workshop who are looking for a productive and flexible solution for various coil fed tapes, edging panels up to 60mm. With the machine having independent end trim saws, this gives the perfect solution when using real wood veneers. The machine is also equipped with scrapers with quick exclusion and buffers making it just as suitable for ABS/PVC 0.4 to 3mm in thickness.

The next machine in the range known as the Genisis 6TF introduces more features including Diamond pre milling, anti adhesive spray and glue scrapers. The machine is capable of applying coil fed material up to 3mm in thickness and can also strip feed edges such as laminate or timber up to 5mm in thickness.

The third latest model in the range is the Genisis 6RTF Pro which has the same high specification as the Genisis 6TF but also includes a separate corner rounding station.



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