Wide Belt Sanders

Kundig are widely recognised as one of world's first class innovators and manufacturers of both wide belt and edge sanding machines. Kundig were the first company to introduce the fixed bed system where it is the sanding group that raises and lowers to the desired working height as a standard feature. The fixed bed gives the advantage of long term accuracy without the need to constantly adjust support tables to suit the thickness of materials being sanded. Kundig were also the pioneers in developing 'Oblique' sanding where at least one of the sanding heads pivots to give a shear cut across the surface. This system not only generates a flatter more even surface, especially important if looking to generate a truly reflective high gloss finish, but also cuts away surface fibres more effectively. One of the biggest  advantages, especially for those looking to achieve the best possible surface finish is the elimination of the snake like sanding marks found on traditional style sanders without the need for any inner belt, which can be a high cost consumable needing regular adjustment as they wear.

Kundig have their main headquarters in Wetzikon, Switzerland along with a totally owned manufacturing plant in Gotha, Germany. All machines are produced in one of these facilities and built to the highest quality. Kundig do not outsource the manufacture of machines, so even the new Kundig Master is built alongside the Premium, Brilliant, Perfect and Technic machines. In todays demanding markets where veneers are getting cut thinner , there are tighter manufacturing tolerances  and surface finishes need to be flawless, Kundig can offer the long term solution.